Was I Paid?

For Developers

We can also notify you when the account .

$1 USD is a one-time fee which you will be asked to send via Ripple. If your Ripple account is not yet funded, you can pay using PayPal instead, and we'll activate your account.

How does it work? We watch the Ripple network 24/7, and when something happens that affects your account, we'll send you a notification, instantly.

We can notify you via E-Mail or text message (coming soon).

Use it to run your business. You'll know when you receive a payment. We will warn you when your trustlines fill up. Maybe you are waiting for that trade offer to be executed.

If you run a gateway, we'll tell you when your customer's balances change.

We also have URL callbacks for integration into shopping carts and other system, see the Developer section.

Use it with your friends. Whether you are using Ripple in a LETS-setting, or are just sending money to friends, we will show you nicknames, and tell you who owes who:

There's also fun facts! Has your transaction been routed through half a dozen hops? Have you helped process a payment with your offer? It feels good to know.

Be safe! We can't help protect you from someone stealing your Ripple password, but you don't have to be in the dark when it happens; we can notify you whenever your account makes a transaction. You'll know right away when mischief occurs. It may not be too late to ask your gateway to freeze balances.

We will fund your account. If your Ripple account has not been activated yet, you can pay for this service using PayPal, and we'll send you the 35 XRP necessary to get you going.